Allotment Opening 1 March 2011

Allotment and Garden Plots

Hayle Town Council is currently responsible for 87 mixed-size allotment and garden plots within the town of Hayle, located at Lethlean Lane, Phillack.

Allotment plots numbered 1 to 29 and 41 to 84 are on land that Hayle Town Council has leased on a 25 year contract from the Glebe Committee for the purpose of providing allotments.

Garden plots numbered 30 to 40 are on land that Hayle Town Council has purchased for the long term purpose of providing an extension to the cemetery.  These plots are subject to a shorter and annually reviewed tenancy on the basis that the land will, at some point in the future, be required for burials.

Allotment Rents

Allotment plots 1 – 12 and 14 and 15:  £82.50 per annum
Allotment plots 16 – 21 and 23 – 29:   £55 per annum
Allotment plot 22: £60.50 per annum
Garden plot 30: £38.50 per annum
Garden plots 13 and 31 – 40: £33 per annum
Plots 41 – 84: £60 per annum

How to Apply for an Allotment

If you would like to be added to our waiting list for these popular allotments, please contact Hayle Town Council in writing or by email with all of the following:

  • your request for an allotment;
  • your name and contact details (including a telephone number and email address); and
  • your address, which must be within the parish of Hayle.

This written request can be posted to Hayle Town Council, Hayle Community Centre, 58 Queensway, Hayle TR27 4NX or emailed to

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Allotment Society

There is a thriving allotment society with lots of people happy to assist with any gardening queries.  For further information, please contact chairperson Nigel Powell on 01736 752169 and/or visit the website.

(Please note that the allotment society is not linked to the town council and membership is not required by allotment holders.)

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