Have you downloaded the Discover app? If not here’s why you’re missing out…

Have you downloaded the Discover App yet? If not, you’re missing out…

Here are the TOP 5 reasons to download Discover:
1. Discover finds everything (and we mean everything!) there is to shop, eat and do in Hayle
2. It’s our job to keep an eye on what’s happening within your community (road closures etc. – the important stuff)
3. We search for the unique places so you don’t have to
4. Small businesses are promoted JUST as much as the big brands – there’s no bias

(psst… shop small 😉 )
5. We showcase the offers and events that YOU want to see

What is the ‘Discover App?
We won’t walk your dog for you, but we’ll show you where to walk him… we can’t buy you a drink, but we can show you where to go and what offers they’re promoting, we can’t physically take you to dinner, but we can show you where to find that stone-

baked pizza you’ve been thinking about and we can do ALL of this based on your preferences!

Care to elaborate…?
We’re essentially a ‘whole of place’ app which means we will showcase everything there is to shop, eat and do in a place. We will show you where to get that coffee you’ve been craving or which gym to go to burn off last night’s gourmet burger & fries. We guide you through your town, pointing out things you didn’t know existed and taking you to places we know you love. Not only do we do this, but we also show you offers & promotions from local businesses, so maybe you can get your third coffee of the day free? Who knows! But one thing we do know is that the Discover App will be there with you the whole way, guiding you through everywhere to shop, eat, do & discover.

Is the Discover App easy to use?
YES! Minimal effort required, all content on Discover is only a couple of taps away.

How does Discover know what I want?
When you sign up to our nifty app, we’ll ask you for your preferences. This is where you tell us that you’re a coffee loving Vegan or a huge lover of hair and beauty… or that you’re obsessed with Country Music (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!).
If your tastes change and you realise you adore Japanese cuisine, you can quickly change your preferences through the app settings.

Do I have to pay to use the app?
Nope, we’re free!

I have a business in the area, can I sign up?
We love hearing from businesses! If you run a business in the Hayle area and would like to find out if you’re eligible to be included on the app, pop us an email at cornwall@discoverapp.co.uk

To find out more about the Discover App and all the fabulous businesses we showcase, join us on our socials!
Instagram: TheDiscoverApp
Facebook: TheDiscoverApp
Twitter: TheDiscoverApp_
LinkedIn: TheDiscoverApp

And more importantly… download the Discover App here or by searching ‘Discover App’ in your app store!


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