Town Councillors

Hayle Town Council is here to help.

If there is something you wish to discuss, or if you have a problem,┬áplease contact a councillor from your ward – or from any ward.

North Ward

Chy Mor, 18 Riviere Towans, Hayle, TR27 5AF
Mobile: 07876 152915
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Sweetlarks, 25 Riverside, Angarrack, Hayle,
TR27 5JD
01736 753838
Mobile: 07753 814999
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COAD, Graham
4 Springfield Close, Hayle, TR27 5AH
01736 756367
Mobile: 07989 606992
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FARRAR, Nick (Mayor)
8 Marsh Lane, Hayle, TR27 4PS
01736 757818
Mobile: 07792 632635
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The White Cottage, 27 Trevarnon Lane, Connor Downs, Hayle TR27 5DL
01736 601731
Mobile: 07748 816664
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29 Treeve Lane, Hayle, TR27 5DQ
01736 757632
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5 Beramic Close, Connor Downs, Hayle, TR27 5DP
01736 752364
Mobile: 07967 272808
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WILLS, Bernie
58 Treveglos, Hayle, TR27 4LA
07581 183577
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South Ward

COCKS, David
6 Burnthouse Lane, Hayle, TR27 4AP
01736 448908
Mobile: 07836 358582
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4 Commercial Road, Hayle, TR27 4DG
01736 752831
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16 Meadowside Close, Hayle, TR27 4JL
01736 757910
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30 Ash Drive, Hayle, TR27 6PF
01736 753336
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14 Mellanear Rd, Hayle, TR27 4QS
01736 753131
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POLKINGHORNE, Clive (Deputy Mayor)
42 Hayle Terrace, Hayle, TR27 4BT
01736 753020
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RANCE, Anne-Marie
27 The Pathway Fields, Hayle. TR27 4BE
01736 754787
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Town Council Sites/Services

Hayle Town Council manages Hayle Community Centre, Hayle Outdoor Swimming Pool, Lethlean Lane Allotments, Public Conveniences, Hayle Recreation Ground, King George V Memorial Walk, Jubilee Path, The Millpond (not the play area), The Plantation and other small pockets of green land. Find out more

Report to Cornwall Council

Report a problem/ask a question concerning the following: Housing, benefits, council tax, street lights, highways/footpath issues, general planning issues, waste collection, fly-tipping, street trading, licensing, environmental health, parking, fire safety. Find out more

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