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From the Cornishman, 30 July 2009


From the Cornishman, 1 June 2006


From the Cornishman, 1 June 2006

Cornishman, 04 May 2006

I am writing in disgust over Penwith District Council's policy with Hayle's West Cornwall retail park and Marks & Spencer shopping outlet.

The council seems hell-bent on stopping development other than a few thousand cheap houses. Hayle will be the biggest council estate in Cornwall.

The harbour now stands at 890-ish flats and houses with no amenities. Shopping in Copperhouse is very poor. If you take away all the food outlets and estate agents there is very little left.

According to local radio the district council is going to spend a lot of our money on a study to find out the effects of transport and the finance to other towns in the area. I take it that "other" towns includes Truro, which seems to have a very big finger in the pie. M &S have tried in the past to get into Penzance and St Austell, both being turned down by Cornwall County Council.

When London and Amsterdam wanted to have a shopping area on the harbour, the main voice of dissent was from Truro. The people of Hayle should have the final say in what happens to the town in the future.

E Bryant, Copper Terrace

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18:29 - 13 April 2006, The Cornishman

Hayle Town Council has expressed further concern over the future provision of local tourist information services. Having seen the closure of its tourist information kiosk at the recreation ground, and the transfer of its services to the nearby library, councillors have been keen to see the return of a dedicated centre for the town.

They see this as essential for the local tourist industry - and will not give their full blessing to a 'Gateway' centre being built on the edge of town unless Hayle can have its own town centre TIC.

However, councillors debating the matter last week agreed they were being presented with a variety of different pictures about the Gateway facility, which would serve and promote the whole of Penwith.

The centre is a planning gain feature of the West Cornwall Retail Park currently under construction off Loggan's roundabout. Councillors agreed to formally debate the issue at a later date, when it will be properly tabled as an agenda item.


18:29 - 13 April 2006

Not enough information about the multi-million redevelopment of Hayle harbour is reaching the public, town councillors agreed last week. And members said they would like to be able to help with the flow of information themselves - were it not for the fact they also feel as if they are not fully in the picture with its progress.

The £160 million-plus scheme, which features 870 homes, a marina and sailing club, commercial space, a college and health centre, hotels and community facilities, has broadly met with approval from the community.

But councillors say there are a number of issues that they wished to bring to the attention of the harbour owners, ING Real Estate, which is masterminding the project.

And with plans for the ambitious regeneration project expected to be submitted soon, Hayle Town Council has become increasingly concerned that details are having to be picked up by its members second hand.

The increasingly thorny subject was raised at last week's council meeting following a prior liaison session with the town's chamber of commerce, which produced a proposal to press for regular meetings with Penwith Council officers to keep abreast of developments.

There was also a request for copies of a document that has apparently been circulated to other local organisations outlining the form of the forthcoming plans.

"I understand there is a considerable amount of information in that, but it is regrettable that we have not seen it," said councillor Brian Capper.

"We should demand a meeting with them."

He added: "It doesn't matter who they are meeting or busy with, we are the only publicly elected body."

But aside from not wanting to be kept in the dark about the project, councillors agreed there were two further reasons for them to be more involved in the process.

John Bennett said that proactive council involvement would allow members to raise any concerns and help shape the plan before it was formally submitted.

Mr Bennett revealed his own fear that the Local Plan could take a back seat arguing: "ING should not be allowed to ride roughshod over it."

Mayor Terry Lello said closer communication now with the firm would enable the council to push several options forward - particularly with its support for the town to have a fire station of its own and dedicated tourist information centre.

John Coombe, meanwhile, said it was crucial for local people be kept informed, lest support for the scheme wane.

"If people in the town don't have anything to go on, the enthusiasm could be lost."

Councillors also agreed that the harbour office was 'not the best place' for the ongoing exhibition of development plans.

The Cornishman

18:13 - 13 April 2006

All four crime reduction targets in the Hayle area have been met, town councillors learnt last week. In his monthly crime report to Hayle Town Council, Sgt Simon Dobson said the officers in the Hayle and St Ives policing sector had achieved good results.

"The overall annual crime figures have just been published and we are pleased to report on excellent results within the Hayle/St Ives policing sector," he commented.

"We met all four of our crime targets; all local officers have worked hard to achieve these targets."

These were revealed as vehicle crime being down 12.5 per cent, violent crime down 15 per cent, dwelling burglary down 42 per cent, and 'all crime' down 10 per cent.

Sgt Dobson also revealed: "The Neighbourhood Team assisted the excellent work of the Hayle Safe Fire Team in their organisation and running of the recent tag rugby tournament at Hayle RFC.

"Neighbourhood officers and Hayle Safe fire officers had carried out coaching sessions at several local schools in the build up to the tournament, providing excellent opportunities to 'build bridges' with the children involved.

"It is hoped to continue some of these coaching sessions in the future."

The officer also said that work was still continuing in combating anti-social behaviour in the Foundry area of town.

"A meeting was held by Inspector Wilkins, myself and affected residents to give reassurance and practical advice.

"Patrols have been targeting the area taking positive action. People have been arrested and penalty notices for disorder issued. We continue to encourage anyone - not only Foundry area - to report anti-social behaviour at the time in order that positive action can be taken."

Sgt Dobson also revealed that further speed detection work has been carried out in Madison Terrace, Guildford Road and Commercial Road, with offending motorists warned or given fixed penalties - though this work has been limited by other demands on beat managers.

The Cornishman

17:39 - 13 April 2006
Penwith Council has put up scaffolding around a historic building in Hayle. A spokesman told The Cornishman that the measure at Loggan's Mill was a precautionary step.

He commented: "The scaffolding is necessary in the interest of public safety and will include further measures to prevent access.

"This scaffold is also designed to support the existing structure and will help to preserve what is a landmark listed building at the gateway to Hayle."

Andy England, Penwith's chief planning officer, also revealed that the authority was still deciding what to do with the Grade II listed but currently derelict building, which is located on the edge of town.He added the authority would also be investigating various funding sources in its bid to regenerate the site.

04/09/2005 BBC - A Skate Park for Hayle

In 2001 local skaters, fed up of being reprimanded for skating on the streets, approached the council for a skate park in Hayle. Some years later the local recreation ground is set to become the new Hayle Skate Park.

03/11/2004 £4.1 Million Improvement Programme to Restore and Enhance Historic Hayle

Workers have moved on site at the start of a £4.1 million improvement programme to restore and enhance historic Hayle, powerhouse of the industrial revolution.  Initially, work has begun on the second phase of restoration at Harvey's Foundry. Over four years the town will see 22 buildings improved and public areas enhanced as part of the programme, which has the capacity to create 170 jobs.

01/08/2004 Wave Power Hub Planned for Hayle

Proposed renewable energy project, based on wave energy, with the land terminal in Hayle.